Guided Deep Dives

Apache Kafka Three Ways

Single Day, Guided Workshops: AU$1,195 per person.
Presented by developers, for developers.


1. To learn the fundamentals, ergonomics, trade-offs, and maturity of Apache Kafka as:

A Message Broker
A Streaming Compute Platform
A Distributed Database

2. To operate streaming compute with a local Kafka cluster, understanding scale and local state.

3. To solve the mystery of the Number Stations by streaming compute over +1M messages.

4. To gain confidence in all aspects of working with Kafka, practical and theoretical.

5. To leverage the workshop materials when sharing your knowledge in the future.


A morning covering fundamentals and theory, an afternoon putting it to practice!

09:00 Introduction and Fundamentals
10:45 Coffee
11:00 Kafka as a Message Broker
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Kafka for Streaming Compute
15:15 Coffee
15:30 Kafka as a Distributed Database

Time permitting, we have a hands-on extension session on Vendor Tools (KSQL, Kafka Connect)


Min. 6, Max. 12 attendees per workshop
Sessions run from 08:30 to 17:30
Available in Australia & New Zealand
AU$1,195 per attendee, excluding GST.
Enquire: [email protected]